How much are led lights

LED lights are the latest in lighting technology. Ask any electrician on the Mornington Peninsula, and they’ll tell you how beneficial they are. They’re brighter, work for longer and use much less energy than traditional incandescent lights. If you’re wondering how much they cost, keep reading, and we’ll give you all the information you need.

The cost of LED lighting depends on the installation circumstances, for example, whether you are replacing your existing bulbs with LED lights or replacing your LED fittings. LEDs can cost anywhere between $5 to $20 in Australia, and that’s for a standard LED bulb, while downlights range from $50-$75, according to the Australian Energy Foundation. You should expect a higher cost for bulbs with higher wattage (W).

How do LED lights work?

An LED is a light-emitting diode, and it’s a device that emits light for use in your residential or commercial property. They have been modernised over the years, and they have reached the point where they have higher output, which in turn means they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Why should you use LED lights?

LED lights have lots of advantages that make them the better option when compared to traditional lighting. They are increasingly energy-efficient and produce significantly less heat. Some of them are also remarkably cheaper than your average light bulb. They’re also known to keep working for longer and easily trump regular lights bulbs when it comes to longevity. The average lifespan of a standard lightbulb is 35,000 hours, but you can purchase LED bulbs that have the ability to last up to 50,000 hours. That’s well over five years, and they usually come with a 3-to-5-year warranty.

The types of LED lights 

LED lights are available in various colour temperatures, such as warm white and cool white. Warm white LED lights produce a light that you may be familiar with because they compare to regular halogen bulbs. On the other hand, cool white is a brighter bulb colour choice, and it’s best suited for installation where brightness is required. This is best suited in areas like above a kitchen counter or when brightening up an outdoor space.

Who can install LED lighting?

LED installation requires much more care and precision at installation because it’s a little more complicated than simply swapping a bulb with another bulb. A licensed electrician is needed to install LED lighting safely and adequately. This is mainly because the wiring may need to be updated, and unlicensed electricians may expose you to potential risk if they do an improper installation.

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