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Impulse Electrical is well equipped to handle everyday lighting concerns like repairs, installations and replacements, but we are also experienced in modern, complex lighting requirements for residents in Mornington Peninsula. Some of the work we can do includes but is not limited to:

• LED Lighting

LED elements can be used for various electrical reasons, but they are also great at emitting visible light when an electrical current passes through them. The technology is growing in popularity because they are easy and cost-effective to produce. Plus, they’ve been known to give brighter light and more energy-efficient use as light fixtures in a home. At Impulse Electrical, we also love the value and benefits that come with the installation of LED lights. However, it’s important to remember that you should buy them from a reputable supplier and choose a high-quality brand. Benefits of LED lighting  Compared to traditional lighting technologies, LED lighting is an energy-efficient alternative. Superior quality LEDs will provide you with excellent lighting, whether it is in your interior or exterior. The team at Impulse Electrical can also offer LED repair services. If you notice the lights flickering, we have some advice about what you should be doing, but it’s usually a sign that you may need a repair. Here’s a list of other benefits that explain why LED lights are better than traditional lights:

LED lights have a longer lifespan

LED lights to give you better savings

LED lights increases the value of a property

LED lights have comprehensive warranties

LED lights to give brighter lighting

• Outdoor and landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting has become more of a style statement than a matter of function. Impulse Electrical has completed outdoor lighting projects from small courtyards and balconies to extensive gardens and impressive outdoor rooms. Outdoor lighting can transform and backyard into an inviting atmosphere with the right lighting design. Impulse Electrical can custom design and install an area or feature specific lighting arrangement in your garden to achieve the vision you have for it. There’s so much to explore, and you can create a dramatic visual effect by lighting the contours of a tree, shrubs or specific garden feature. Lights can even give an average BBQ area a complete makeover and make it a party starter in any home.

• Commercial lighting and maintenance

Commercial lighting is different from other properties because of the nature of the environment. Impulse Electrical’s commercial experts can provide the best solutions for your commercial lighting requirements, including upgrades to existing lighting, new lighting installations and lighting maintenance. If you are the owner or manager of commerce or retail property, we can also discuss LED lighting options that will highlight your products and storefront areas in the best way possible. Give us a call, and we can discuss a range of options on offer, including entrance and foyer lighting, feature lighting, LED strip lighting, downlights, indoor and outdoor lighting, sports field lighting, area floodlighting, spotlight, and fluorescent lights. We’re also highly experienced and skilled in day-to-day installation, repairs, and maintenance for commercial clients across the Mornington Peninsula area.

• Feature lighting fixtures

Modern day light fixtures have become beautiful statement pieces for homeowners to get creative with. Please speak to us about high-quality, pioneering styles of feature solutions for any décor style. Feature lighting is more than just an addition to the ambience and can now become a focal piece in any room.

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