How much does a switchboard cost?

Older switchboard models all over the country are often not equipped to cope with the many appliances that are constantly running in modern-day homes. That’s why electrical switchboards can often cause many electrical issues, which is why it is essential to make sure your switchboard is working effectively and safely. Call in a trusted electrician in Mornington Peninsula to handle an upgrade, and you won’t have to worry about any of these issues anymore. The switchboard replacement price alone may vary, but you need to prepare to spend a couple of hundred dollars. Keep reading, and we’ll help you prepare for the cost of a switchboard upgrade.

The average cost of replacing a switchboard is $900 and $1200. This is a nationwide average for reference, but, likely, suburban areas will not be spending the same prices as the major cities in the country. The cost will only be vastly different if you need a complicated installation or if you need a 3-phase power installation.

What is an electrical switchboard?

Every home is equipped with an electrical switchboard. It is the unit that distributes electricity to every aspect of your home. The reason why it’s so crucial that you look into your options for an upgrade is that modern switchboards have safety switches that protect the house. Safety switches are designed to shut down everything when the switchboard in case it is overloaded. Older switchboards do not have this function, and they pose a significant fire risk because of this. Professional electricians have a government electrical safety guideline that we follow, and you can look at it to see how vital upgrades are. We have to follow these strict guidelines because we could lose our licenses as electrical operators, but you should follow them too because it is required in Australia.

What are the risks of outdated switchboards?

We’ve already mentioned it, but older switchboards don’t have the protective measure of safety switches. They are essential because they will protect your family against the risk of electrocution by cutting the power source instantly, protecting anyone in contact with live wire from electrical shock. Safety switches are now a standard service offered by experienced Mornington Peninsula electricians because of the high number of electrical fires caused by faulty fuses and plug-in circuit breakers. Upgrading your switchboard allows you to take advantage of all the benefits with no dangers! There’s also the risk of asbestos typically within the mounting of many older switchboards. Asbestos is a harmful substance, and it can expose those around it to serious health risks if it is not removed correctly. Electricians are equipped to safely remove this toxic substance from your switchboard and upgrade your home’s electricity!

Upgrade your switchboard

You must upgrade your switchboard to improve the overall electrical supply in your home while also keeping your family safe. The price is usually very reasonable if you know where to look! When it comes to switchboard upgrades, we service the whole of the Mornington peninsula, including the following regions and suburbs: Mornington Peninsula, Rye, Sorrento, Dromana, Rosebud, Portsea, Frankson, Mt Martha, Mornington, Langwarrin and Somerville

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