What are LED lights?

An LED is a light emitting diode and it’s basically a device that emits light for use in your residential or commercial property. It is an electrical device that is built with a component that has two electrodes. For the sake of the technology, we’ll tell you that the components are an anode and a cathode, but all you need to know is that they are the conductors where electricity runs through. The diodes in an LED are made from semi-conductive materials like silicon or selenium. They are essentially substances that conduct electricity in safe circumstances but not in situations that are dangerous like power surges etc. We specialise in the installation and repair of LED lights in Mornington Peninsula, and we know the benefits they can bring. Now that you know what an LED is, read more for an explanation for how they can light your home…

What is LED Lighting?

LED elements can be used for a range of electrical reasons, but they are also great at emitting visible light when an electrical current passes through it. The technology is growing in popularity because they are easy and cost-effective to produce. Plus, they’ve been known to give brighter light and more energy efficient use as light fixtures in home. At Impulse Electrical, we also love the value and benefits that come with the installation of LED lights. However, it’s important to remember that you should buy them from a reputable supplier an choose a high-quality brand.

Why LED lights are better?

Compared to traditional lighting technologies, LED lighting is an energy efficient alternative. Superior quality LEDs will provide you excellent lighting whether it is in you interior or exterior. The team at Impulse Electrical can also offer LED repair services. If you notice the lights flickering, we have some advice about what you should be doing, but it’s usually a sign that you may need a repair. Here’s a list of other benefits that explain why LED lights are better than traditional lights:

  • LED lights have a longer lifespan
  • LED lights give you better savings
  • LED lights increases the value of a property
  • LED lights have comprehensive warranties
  • LED lights give brighter lighting

Reasons why you should install LED lights

Energy saving benefits

There’s no denying that LED lights require less energy to run and light the areas in your home. Compared to normal incandescent light bulbs, LED downlights can save you almost 80% of electrical power and therefore 80% of savings. The low voltage power supply associated with LED downlights also increase electrical safety.

LED lights are more environmentally friendly

The elements of a LED light don’t contain any hazardous solids, liquids or gas like traditional light fixtures. Older lighting tech may have mercury in it which is very harmful to the environment. Not only that, but they’re also safer for your family. LED lights are also recyclable, meaning you can dispose of them efficiently. Choosing LED lighting means not only choosing toxin and pollutant free lighting, but also possible to recycle.

LED lights have directional capabilities

LED downlights are especially useful for lighting applications because you are able to direct your light in the desired way. You can point LED lights exactly where you want them when they are installed. If you use a professional LED installation expert, they can even explore lighting designs for your interior and exterior. This is only one of the services a general electrician can offer you, when it comes to lighting. LED downlights also have flexible design options. The can come in different colours and shades and that means you can create the perfect ambience or mood for any room.

LED lights emit less heat 

You know how hot traditional light bulbs can be to the touch. It’s because they produce much more heat than LED lights. LED lights are designed to not do the same thing because they don’t produce any heat. They will protect the safety of those around the lights, but also helps with climate control.

LED lights are easy to install and maintain

When it comes to all the applications we have to do as professional electricians in Mornington Peninsula, installing LED lights is one of the easiest things we can do. We have a team of technically prepared to handle any installation job including LED lighting in commercial properties.

LED lights have a lengthy lifetime

LED downlights have incredibly long lifetimes when compared to normal light bulbs. They can last for up to 50 000 hours and that’s enough for a lifetime sometimes. They also have the benefit of coming with fantastic warranties that last for years. This means that if they are faulty within the time, you can get a repair or replacement for free.

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