What services does an emergency electrician offer?

Emergency situations can be debilitating because they completely halt whatever it is you are doing and, in terribly unfortunate cases, cause personal harm to yourself and any other person on your property. We’ve all accepted that an emergency will be part of our life at one point or another and that’s okay. Emergencies can be life-stopping, but they can be resolved, sooner than later, if you contact a professional to handle the situations. Having your local electrician’s number is important in emergencies, but it’s important in all situations. If you are looking for an emergency electrician on the Mornington Peninsula. We’re here to help you 24/7 with any electrical problems you might have. Contact us here or follow a few tips we’ve listed below that will let you know if emergencies are imminent

Why do you need an emergency electrician?


1. Fuses are blowing often

It’s normal for your fuse to blow now and then because Australia’s power grid can be temperamental at times. If it happens often, then there might be a serious problem in the electrical system. This only happens if the appliances and electrical systems in your property require more electricity than they can draw.

2. Switches are warm to touch

Warmth or heat in any of your electrical systems is an emergency waiting to happen, other than light bulbs in this situation if you aren’t using the latest in LEC technology. Are you feeling any warmth when you reach for a particular socket or a switch in your fuse box? This is a sign than that you need to call an emergency electrician.

3. Your bill is larger than normal

We know that the cost of electricity can be high, and it can climb as the year’s progress but if something looks odd, it might just be something you should look into. The normal Australian reaction is to call the regional provider to rant about the increasing costs of electricity but this may be a problem that is more internal. Your appliances are smarter because they can connect to the internet and your TV can give you pictures that are high in resolution. All of this weighs heavily on your electrical system and if you don’t have the right kind of equipment, this could be a costly upgrade. Even if any of these situations don’t apply to you, an electrical bill that seems absurdly large, compared to your others, is cause for concern. There could very well be a problem in your electrical system and that’s when you should call your emergency electrician to inspect your system and deduce any problems that you might not be aware of.

4. You’ve experienced a mild shock

Even though you may have accepted this as an operational hazard of dealing with electricity, you should not be dealing with any degree of shock when interacting with sockets in your home or commercial property. Any level of physical shock you endure when touching electrical systems, appliances or sockets is an emergency level electrical problem. Chances are that residual electricity is stored in them and that’s how it ends up in contact with you. Call a professional immediately because this is in fact an emergency. The last thing you want is to have any serious problems such as fire.

You may be reading this blog because you’re anticipating an electrical emergency and wondering what you can do to prevent it. There are many things you can do like installing a power surge protector or any other modern preventative tool. At the end of the day, handling electricity is not an easy job and  it’s best that you call an emergency electrician to solve all your potentially harmful electrical problems

Advantages of an emergency electrician

The average electrician in Australia provides fast response and excellent customer service. That’s because we have amazing vetting systems that don’t just slap a certified badge for operating on anyone! When you call an electrician at Impulse Electrical, you’ll definitely speak to someone who is qualified but you can also expect service from someone who will take the time to listen to your concerns attentively and give you accurate advice.

We’ll also give you upfront and honest pricing because we know how good the quality of our work is. Aside from that, you as a customer are entitled to an educated estimate on what the job will cost.

Due to the nature of seriousness that comes with emergencies, only licensed and insured electricians are qualified to help you. Hiring one of these is the best way that your emergency will be fixed quickly and effectively.

Emergency electricians SHOULD come with a work warranty and that’s a piece of assurance that anyone needs in cases of emergency. Ask about a warranty on the work and your emergency electrician should guarantee their work for at least one year.

Our professional emergency electrical services are available now with 24-hour emergency callouts throughout the Mornington Peninsula. Call us on 0418 383 232 and we’ll help to fix your emergency in no time, with service that is unmatchable.  We guarantee short turnaround times so that you can see results instantly and we only use materials that are high quality.

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