When is it the right time to get a switchboard upgrade?

Electrical code laws in Mornington Peninsula have changed and it’s your responsibility to make sure that you’re abiding by them for many reasons including liability clauses in the case of any accidents. Many of the issues that you are experiencing with your current electrical system can be linked to how your switchboard is operating. You probably haven’t changed much in your electrical usage, right? Even if that’s the case, the more evolved our technology becomes the better it is at using up more electricity. Older models of switchboards are not designed and cannot handle a good, consistent flow of energy to the power-guzzling home appliances and equipment we use today. So if you have an old house and feel like you need switchboard upgrades on the Mornington Peninsula, give us a call.

When do you need a switchboard upgrade?


This might be a difficult task to check on but if your switchboard or property is over two decades old, it probably is time for an upgrade. There’s a high probability that it has old ceramic fuses or asbestos-lined panels which are dangerous because they’re hazardous, highly flammable, and not adaptable to modern electrical needs.

Do you have a safety switch?

Either you know this for sure or you’re confused about what that is. If you are part of the latter group, it’s definitely time to call in a professional to do the necessary investigations. Safety switches are a requirement of the new Australian electrical code and law but please understand, that it’s also a means to protect you from any situations where your property, or the humans on it, are at risk.  Modern models are more equipped at accommodating higher electrical demands without faults or instances of short-circuiting. Your switchboard may be old and maybe the cost of upgrading the entire unit is a little too pricey for you at the moment. In this case, professional electricians like those at Impulse Electricians, are able to do the basic step of installing a safety switch. Our team of licensed and insured experts can even keep your existing switchboard in place until you’re able to afford a full upgrade. This is a remodelling job instead of a full overhaul and it may be what you need right now but please understand, that this is only a temporary fix.

The dangers that could happen just because of an old model of the switchboard are scary and maybe you can describe them as completely unnecessary after speaking to us about your options. Ceramic fuses and old circuit breakers are directly linked as the causes of many household fires in the country and the region. That’s why our electrical codes and laws are updated so often! Safety switches only recently came into regulation and their benefits have been reported as substantial.

Have you upgraded any of your recent technology?

2020 to 2021 has been a significant year for technology and for the appliance providers you may choose for the items in your home. Modern-day equipment and appliances have to have certain capabilities that are more advanced in what they can offer you and this will have an effect on what they will do to your electrical systems. Modern-day systems, appliances and equipment are expected to be ‘smart ‘and that means that they should connect to the internet, other devices or cloud services that will improve how they function in your daily life. If this sounds familiar in any of the things you use on a day-to-day basis and you haven’t checked in on your switchboard health, you definitely need to invest in an upgrade and regular maintenance. Have you bought any of the following in the past two years:

  • Washing machine or dryer
  • Large smart TVs or surround sounds
  • Heat lamps with Bluetooth remote control
  • Towel heaters
  • Larger, hot water system
  • Ducted air-con or multiple new split systems
  • Better and more indoor or outdoor lighting,
Now is the time and here’s why

At this point, you’ve probably recognized things that are concerning or at least things that need a professional opinion. Call us if you need an upgrade to a new switchboard model which will give you enhanced reliability and a more efficient electrical supply. Protect your property, your bank balance and yourself!

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