Why should an electrician be licensed?

Australia is a country that is very strict when it comes to electrical safety. That’s why licensing requirements for electrical service providers is so stringent, and that’s also the case for Mornington Peninsula. There are many reasons why the strict safety standards and licensing requirements are put in place but the main reason is to keep you safe. There are so many risks that can come with unsafe installation and that’s why you should only rely on competently licensed electricians. We have a some suggestions which can help you find the best electrician in Mornington Peninsula but the one thing you must demand is that they are fully licensed to work on your property. The national licensing system is there to make sure that you only hire competent electrical works when carrying out all your installation and repair work. Because it’s in the law, you should comply with the requirements.

All operating electricians in Mornington Peninsula, need to be licensed according to the law too. There’s a lot they have to do to fully meet the competency standards before being granted a license to work in the area.  There is also a disciplinary process put in place to ensure that the best electricians remain licensed persons. As soon as an electrician fails to meet competency measures, they lose their shot at licensing and can face disciplinary action for operating without it. Those who breach regulations could face all of the following:

  • Court prosecution
  • Lose their license
  • Have conditions or limitations put on their licensing

The government is doing its job to properly license and limit electricians in Mornington Peninsula, so that you only have access to the best. So it’s up to you, to do the right thing and use them! Steer clear of unlicensed electricians because they clearly failed to meet national competency standards. If they failed to meet national standards, they’ll probably fail to meet the requirements of your energy needs. Electrical experts should have a license so that they can adequately carry out all your electrical installations and fitting work. They can offer you a wide variety of electrical services for residents and commercial property managers in Mornington Peninsula.

How to check that a licensed is licensed?

Holder’s of electrical contracting licences should make sure that their licence number is visibly displayed on all advertising and contact for their electrical contracting business. This can include the business cards, work vehicles and any social media pages. The licence number usually starts with the letters “EC”. Unfortunately, they do not have a physical license like you do for driving. They won’t have plastic licence card but they will be issued with a Certificate of Registration.

What types of electrical licences are issued?

Electricians are usually licensed for up to 5 years and have to renew them after this period. Licenses have to be issued for the following types of work:

  • Electrical contracting work
  • Electrical installing work
  • Electrical training to apprentices and trainees.
  • Electrical work that requires a Licensed Electrician
  • Property rewiring – if your home is older than 20 years, it is time to think about rewiring old systems. Rewiring is also something you should do if the wires in your home become worn. An electrician has the tools to locate wiring problems quickly and fix these.
  • Installation of electrical appliances – if you want to install an oven or air-conditioner, an electrician can do these jobs fast and efficiently.

Why should you hire a commercial electrician?

It’s the safest option for you

Licensed commercial electricians have the best knowledge and expertise to deal with challenging situations. You could choose to us an unlicensed technician and maybe it’s much cheaper. The problem with these kinds of tradies is that they may install things poorly and botch repair jobs because they don’t meet the same standards that everyone else does. These will cost you more money in the long run. A professional commercial electrician is trained in the latest, cutting-edge techniques so that they can do electrical work that can reduce the risk of electrical fires and resulting injuries. Unless you’re using a licensed electrician, there is no guarantee that the work is reliable. It might be pricier to hire a licensed electrical professional but it’s less costly to avoid the possibly massive mistakes that can happen in the long run.

Licensed electricians come with guarantees 

The best thing about hiring a professional commercial electrician is that they come with workmanship guarantees. The license is already a guarantee of the work they can do for you but the guarantee also protects you in the case that they can’t If you find a problem with an installation made by a commercial electrician, you can rely on them to come back and fix the issue. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s no guarantee on repairs by amateurs.

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